TDSA Architecture

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We work on single and multi-family residential, retail, institutional and commercial projects. TDSA buildings are meant to be functional, but must also be places of joy - providing accessibility and a feeling of timelessness. Every project must enhance the built environment. We consider the site, the cultural and economic environment, a clients physical needs, budget constraints, and construction techniques.


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The Built Environment

Successful buildings assert their own identity while capturing the spirit of their surroundings, They're comfortable, visually appealing, secure, efficient, and a pleasure to be in. And they pay for themselves, adding value for their users and owners.

TDSA architecture reflects our knowledge of how people and organizations use and experience place and space. We work collaboratively with clients, communities, and end users to create buildings that work well on every level, both inside and out. We deliver designs across multiple markets with a consistently high standard of service.