TDSA Architecture

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TDSA architecture has been providing architect, design, and construction management services to the communities of the northwest since 2003. We have had the opportunity to work with municipalities, small businesses, and residential home owners by helping them convert their needs, desires, and dreams into reality with all that architecture has to offer.

Customer Testimonials

Not only did Terry help me with brainstorming details of the design and producing timely plans to get the project going quickly, but he was a consistent source of support to me throughout the entire project. This particularly impressed me because contractor-related challenges with my remodel resulted in a 4-week project ultimately taking 7 months to completion. Although Terry wasn't directly involved with my remodel after the final plans were drawn up and submitted, he continued to proactively check in on progress, answer general questions (I was totally naive about the construction industry), and provide support as I experienced one challenge after another in dealing with contractor issues. In my opinion, this was completely over and above his role as architect, and spoke to me of Terry's integrity, authenticity, genuine caring about his clients, and personal investment into the project for which TDSA was hired - he clearly viewed his role as seeing the project through with me... no matter how long it took. In all, I not only got what I expected when I hired TDSA (e.g., creativity, attention to detail, professionalism, timeliness, and responsiveness), but I also encountered something I believe is truly rare in business now-a-days -- someone who is not only skilled in his profession, but who also genuinely cares about the projects and people to whom he commits himself. I'd hire TDSA again in a heartbeat!

Debbie Thiel